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Name:Thunderbird Suite Pendant
Manufacturer:Pacific Silver
Artist:Nakamura, Joel
Sponsor:Advanced Hearing Clinic
Beneficiary:Santa Fe Youth Symphony
Notes:Native Pony
"The Thunderbird glided across the sweeping plains of the West. A harbinger of rain and new life, the great bird was both feared and revered. The blink of its eye could cause bolts of lightning to flash; the flap of its wings could create thunder. It was said that a young warrior both brave and fast enough to ride his horse under the bird's great shadow would gain sacred spiritual powers. In the calm before the rains would fall, if you listened carefully, you could hear singing and the music of the Great Spirit... I chose the Thunderbird myth as a vehicle for this project because it evoked images of the horse and music. The legend of the great bird is almost archetypal throughout America."

These Hand Enameled Pin/Pendants with Austrian Crystals Capture the Beauty of the Original Painted Ponies.

Wear these pins with your favorite blouse or jean jacket...slide your pin onto the beautiful leather cord and it becomes an incredible necklace. Put a little sparkle in your life!

See collector's checklist for ToPP, Jewelry.
We do not have Thunderbird Suite Pendant (PS-8586) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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