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Name:GURPS Space
Manufacturer:Steve Jackson Games
Author:Jon F. Zeigler
James L. Cambias
Publisher:Steve Jackson Games
Editor:Wil Upchurch

The Future Is Yours!

It's the ultimate toolkit for building strange new worlds and alien civilizations. GURPS Space puts campaign-planning advice and space science at your fingertips, so you can create a setting that is plausible and fun!

Does your game feature gritty asteroid miners or blaster-waving fighter jocks? Choose the space travel and technology that give the right feel for your campaign. Looking for character ideas? Here are templates and advice to help an adventuring group get together and stay together. Do you want a bug-eyed monster or a realistic ecosystem? Use the alien-design chapter to build them all! Need a planet? How about an asteroid or a Dyson sphere? The worldbuilding chapters provide step-by-step instructions. In a hurry to play? Each step of the world- and alien-design instructions lets you roll randomly and get results that make sense. Roll up your next planet and let the adventure begin! GURPS Space will help you create campaigns of every style, from science fantasy to space opera to realistic. Recreate your favorite science-fiction background or develop an original world of your own. With GURPS Space in your hands, the future is yours!

GURPS Space requires the GURPS Basic Set Fourth Edition. The information and advice on technology, worldbuilding and alien design can be used as a resource for any space-based game.

Named Best Rulemakers 2019 by The Austin Chronicle.

Available in inventory at $23.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $34.95
You save $11.00, a discount of 31%

SJG-11002 :

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