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The following 49 items are in stock:
Aztec Jewels Mustang

Item: WG-20363

Price: $120.00

Aztec Queen Mustang

Item: WG-20336

Price: $130.00

Bear Fishing Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20323

Price: $125.00


Item: WG-20377

Price: $120.00

Christmas Carousel Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20623

Price: $120.00

Christmas Carousel Thoroughbred Ornament

Item: WG-20653

Price: $60.00

Dance to the Rising Sun Arabian

Item: WG-20335

Price: $120.00


Item: WG-20621

Price: $125.00

Field of Dreams Arabian Horse

Item: WG-20311

Price: $130.00

Folk Art Arabian Horse

Item: WG-20369

Price: $150.00

For the Roses Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20386

Price: $130.00

Grazing Horses Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20339

Price: $150.00

Guardian Angel Clydesdale

Item: WG-20340

Price: $150.00

Hidatsa Chief Mustang

Item: WG-20362

Price: $120.00

Hohokam Basket Horse

Item: WG-20304

Price: $120.00

Horseshoes Mustang

Item: WG-20388

Price: $125.00

In the Treeline Horse

Item: WG-20310

Price: $150.00

Jeweled Butterflies Quarterhorse

Item: WG-20333

Price: $120.00

Jungle Bells Quarter Horse Ornament

Item: WG-20652

Price: $60.00

Mexican Folk Art Horse

Item: WG-20303

Price: $120.00

Moroccan Mosaic Horse

Item: WG-20306

Price: $120.00

Native Patterns Mustang

Item: WG-20364

Price: $125.00

Native Princess Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20359

Price: $125.00

Native Regalia

Item: WG-20378

Price: $150.00

Nativity Clydesdale Ornament

Item: WG-20654

Price: $60.00

Navajo Pottery Arabian

Item: WG-20334

Price: $150.00


Paint Your Own Mustang

Item: WG-20313

Price: $120.00

Paisley Arabian

Item: WG-20328

Price: $130.00

Pawnee Warrior Mustang

Item: WG-20320

Price: $150.00


Pottery Mustang

Item: WG-20390

Price: $125.00

Rhinestone Mustang

Item: WG-20370

Price: $125.00

Rio Carnevale

Item: WG-20342

Price: $130.00

Run Thoroughbred Horse

Item: WG-20374

Price: $120.00

Santa's Workshop Clydesdale

Item: WG-20616

Price: $120.00

Seminole Horse

Item: WG-20302

Price: $120.00

Silverfrost Clydesdale

Item: WG-20614

Price: $120.00

Snowflakes Arabian

Item: WG-20625

Price: $125.00

Snowflakes Arabian Ornament

Item: WG-20655

Price: $60.00

Snowman Mustang

Item: WG-20617

Price: $120.00

Spirit of the Eagle Mustang

Item: WG-20391

Price: $125.00

Spirit Of The Wind Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20331

Price: $130.00


Sugar Plum

Item: WG-20619

Price: $125.00

Thunderbird Totem Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20337

Price: $120.00

Venetian Carnival Arabian

Item: WG-20327

Price: $150.00

Warrior Horse

Item: WG-20305

Price: $150.00

Western Leather Mustang

Item: WG-20318

Price: $150.00

Western Mustang

Item: WG-20371

Price: $120.00

Winning Streak Arabian Horse

Item: WG-20312

Price: $120.00

Wolf Spirit Clydesdale

Item: WG-20332

Price: $180.00

The following 72 items are no longer available:
American Glory

Item: WG-20376

Angel Clydesdale

Item: WG-20615

Apache Spirit

Item: WG-20343

Awanata Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20357

Bear Chief Clydesdale

Item: WG-20356

Bear Fetish Mustang

Item: WG-20351

Bird Dancer Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20384

Buffalo Run Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20353

Butterfly Garden Arabian

Item: WG-20383

Carnevale Mustang

Item: WG-20316

Celestial Clydesdale

Item: WG-20324

Charging Knight Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20354

Cherokee Warrior Horse

Item: WG-20308

Chieftan Train Mustang

Item: WG-20373

Comanche Horse

Item: WG-20346

Cree Spirit Warrior Mustang

Item: WG-20385

Dancer Horse

Item: WG-20309

Dia De Los Muertos Horse

Item: WG-20347

Dreamcatcher Mustang

Item: WG-20317


Eagle Dancer Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20348

Eagle Spirit Mustang

Item: WG-20352

Evening Howl Mustang

Item: WG-20322

Fall Festival

Item: ASD-20347

Fallen Chief War Mustang

Item: WG-20329

Ghost Dancer

Item: WG-20344

High Desert Family Mustang

Item: WG-20330

Hoop Dancer Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20326

Hopi Snake Dancer

Item: WG-20341

Horse of a Different Color, Summer 2010 Herd

Item: ASD-20314

Horse of a Different Color, Summer 2011 Herd

Item: ASD-20332

Horse of a Different Color, Summer 2012 Herd

Item: ASD-20348

Horse of a Different Color, Summer 2013 Herd

Item: ASD-20364

Horse of a Different Color, Summer 2014 Herd

Item: ASD-20376

Horse of a Different Color, Summer 2015 Herd

Item: ASD-20384

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2010 Herd

Item: ASD-20301

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2011 Herd

Item: ASD-20324

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2012 Herd

Item: ASD-20340

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2013 Herd

Item: ASD-20356

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2014 Herd

Item: ASD-20370

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2015 Herd

Item: ASD-20380

Horse of a Different Color, Winter 2016 Herd

Item: ASD-20388

Hummingbird Garden Arabian

Item: WG-20350

Jungle Bells Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20622

Keokuk Horse

Item: WG-20307

Lavender Morning Glory Arabian

Item: WG-20338

Lightbolt Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20325

Lizard Master Mustang

Item: WG-20365

Longhorn Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20349

Mardi Gras Mustang

Item: WG-20372

Nativity Clydesdale

Item: WG-20624

Paints His Horse Mustang

Item: WG-20319


Patriot Clydesdale

Item: WG-20389

Revolutionary Warhorse

Item: WG-20301

Santa Cardinals

Item: WG-20620

Scout Mustang

Item: WG-20361


Item: WG-20618

Soaring Eagle Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20366

Soars at Dusk Arabian

Item: WG-20355

Spirit Call Clydesdale

Item: WG-20381

Sunset Dancer Arabian

Item: WG-20380

Sunset Mustang

Item: WG-20321

Tawa Arabian Horse

Item: WG-20367

Technicolor Dream Horse

Item: WG-20345

Unicorn Stallion Arabian

Item: WG-20387

Wardance Arabian

Item: WG-20360

Wings of Hope

Item: WG-20379

Winter Coat Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20315

Winter Spirit Quarter Horse

Item: WG-20358

Woad Clydesdale

Item: WG-20314

Wolf Pack Arabian

Item: WG-20382

Wolf Princess Mustang

Item: WG-20375

Wolves of the Crow Thoroughbred

Item: WG-20368

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