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The following 21 items are in stock:

Item: PG-12440

Price: $17.95

Alpha Leader of the Pack Wolf

Item: PG-12982

Price: $24.95

American Wolf

Item: PG-12443

Price: $17.95

Aztec Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12112

Price: $19.95

Big Tree Wolf

Item: PG-12979

Price: $17.95

Black Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12110

Price: $19.95

Buffalo Spirit Wolf

Item: PG-12444

Price: $17.95

Chief Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12106

Price: $19.95

Eagle Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12107

Price: $19.95

Grand Canyon Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12113

Price: $19.95

Howling Wolves Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12111

Price: $19.95

Indian Rider Wolf

Item: PG-12441

Price: $17.95

Indian Turquoise Wolf

Item: PG-12115

Price: $19.95

Moon Mountain Wolf

Item: PG-12980

Price: $17.95

Mountain Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12108

Price: $19.95

Night Rush Wolf

Item: PG-12439

Price: $17.95

Northern Spirit Wolf

Item: PG-12114

Price: $19.95

Swirling Wolf

Item: PG-12981

Price: $17.95

Totem Wolf

Item: PG-12442

Price: $17.95

War Wolf Spirit

Item: PG-12109

Price: $19.95

Winged Wolf

Item: PG-12978

Price: $17.95

The following 1 item is no longer available:
Birds of a Feather 2

Item: ASD-1104

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