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The following 18 items are in stock:
Bat in Stone Necklace

Item: CD-20001

Price: $34.95

Bat in Wood Necklace

Item: CD-20002

Price: $29.95

Easter Basket

Item: CD-4001

Price: $5.95

Easter Eggs

Item: CD-4003

Price: $5.95

Gift Wrap

Item: CD-12253

Price: $5.95

Great Pumpkin

Item: CD-10312

Price: $5.95

Holiday Holy

Item: CD-12254

Price: $5.95

Hot Pepper Season

Item: CD-7001

Price: $5.95

May Flowers

Item: CD-5001

Price: $5.95

Nightly Boo!

Item: CD-10311

Price: $5.95

Poinsettia Garden

Item: CD-12251

Price: $5.95

Santa's Visit

Item: CD-12252

Price: $5.95

Shamrock Field

Item: CD-3170

Price: $5.95

Shamrock Tartan

Item: CD-3171

Price: $5.95


Item: CD-1001

Price: $5.95

Strawberry Fields

Item: CD-6001

Price: $9.95

Trick or Treat!

Item: CD-10310

Price: $5.95

Turquoise Bat Necklace

Item: CD-20101

Price: $19.95

The following 2 items are no longer available:
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Item: CD-4002

Price: $5.95

Turquoise Bat Earrings

Item: CD-21101

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